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While the city of Coruvon is best known for its arena and as a staging area for explorations of the Black Mire and the dwarven citadel of Kuln, it is also home to the Grand Library of Coruvon, a 30 foot tall structure of white stone containing the collected works rescued from Kuln during that city’s fall.

The Grand Library of Coruvon

The Grand Library of Coruvon

While the library is best known for the repositories of dwarven knowledge (and possibly the truenames of several shipminds of the ancient dwarven earthships), it is also home to a fair collection of pre-war historical documents from a sacked elven city and supposedly even a few artifacts from both the dwarves and elves that are kept under lock and key by human hands.

The Grand Library (sans grid)

The Grand Library (sans grid)

Of course, like any good structure in a fantasy city, there are stairs leading down from the library into the basements – and eventually to the old structures of the Coruvon plateau and the ruins of the much earlier human settlements here. While the main basement (not included in these maps) is accessible to the staff and even some visitors to the library, the access ways to the extended catacombs are kept locked, magically sealed, and secure.


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