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This week I opened up the request line for all patrons of the Dodecahedron Patreon Campaign at the $2.50 level and up. Since then I’ve received about a dozen requests and have already completed several maps.

The goal is to at least try to draw every requested map, although I warned that some maps may never make it past the “first try” zone where I sketch something out and then toss it as unworkable (or just un-fun for me to draw).

Pyramids and Ruins

Pyramids and Ruins

The first request was from Purple Duck Games for “Pyramids, jungle ruins, desert ruins, dungeon set on pillars, planar dungeons”. The expectation wasn’t for it to be smooshed into a single map, but I tried. In the end we got the pyramids, jungle and desert ruins and pillars. So 3.5 out of 5. Good enough for me!

Abandoned Prison

Abandoned Prison

Riley Vann asked for “An abandoned prison complex“. Based in part on maps of debtor’s prisons in the UK and single-structure asylums, this prison came into existence. In order to get the “abandoned” aspect I included some crumbling walls (almost all of the walls in question, however, are courtyard walls instead of the building proper).

Both of these maps and a bunch more will be getting finished, tidied up a bit, and then posted to the blog over the coming months. More maps to come from the request line include an underwater sahuagin lair and a circular dungeon, and 8 more I will attempt to get done over the next month.

If you would like to get your ideas to my pen, check out my Patreon Campaign!