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Print Edition – $16.00 – Buy it at Lulu
PDF Edition – $7.50 – Buy it at RPGNow


It has arrived! 88 pages of maps with annotations curated from the maps posted to the Dodecahedron throughout 2015 (basically all the maps posted except for the MegaDelve maps which spanned 2014-2015 and will be put into their own book soon enough).

The Review is available in two formats. The main emphasis of the release is an 8.5 x 11 inch spiral-bound book offered through Lulu. As spiral binding isn’t available through OBS, this is only available through the Lulu storefront. This $16 print edition includes a coupon code (on the first page) for you to buy the electronic edition for $2.

The electronic edition, available through OneBookShelf, includes an electronic version of the book, but also includes a separate file just of the maps in question without the annotations.

There is no exclusive content in these editions – everything in the Cartographic Review was previously posted to the blog. What the review does is collate and collect most of the year’s maps into one place along with much of the annotation that appeared on the blog along with the maps.

Print Edition – $16.00 – Buy it at Lulu
PDF Edition – $7.50 – Buy it at RPGNow

Remember, if you plan on buying both, pick up the print edition first as it contains a coupon to get the electronic edition for $2