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This isn’t my work, but there are times when you want to be able to present something like the main map from Dwellers in the Forbidden City (from the vantage point that they get at the edge of the cliffs looking down over the city) without including all the DM-side information to them that’s contained on said map.

Forbidden City Game Prep

Forbidden City Game Prep

So last night I scanned the Forbidden City map and did a bit of clean up work to get these maps. This first one is the classic one from the module, with all the DM notes removed. It is designed to print on a sheet of ledger-sized paper. Forbidden-City-Player-Blue-Ledger But of course, I don’t have a ledger-sized printer. So I also broke it up into these two US letter-sized maps for easy printing (I also printed them on blue faux-parchment).