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The Redoubt (with grid)

The Redoubt (with grid)

I drew this weird little cave/dungeon for a friend. I think the best comment on it during production is that it looks like entrails splattered on the ground, ready to be read by some crazy old coot.

It works for me because it feels like a classic D&D game – it has a secret underground lake with a small island in the middle, as well as a secret underwater tunnel. It has a room with three pools / fountains. There’s weirdness and oddities including a cascading wall of fire blocking access to the far side of the “last room” of the dungeon, and even underground trees – because who doesn’t love underground trees?

I think, if you really wanted to make this cover all the tropes of bizarre D&D dungeons, it would need:

  • A magic throne that does weird shit (random table of weird shit?) when you sit on it.
  • Trees that grow weird fruit that also produce weird effects when eaten.
  • Something tentacular in the lake
  • A prisoner locked up in one of the dead end areas who is either a medusa or a minor goddess or something similar (a dryad / nymph of one of the strange trees?)
The Redoubt (no grid)

The Redoubt (no grid)