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As I feared, the Dwarven City is going to be more than 3 maps. Probably a LOT more than three maps. At least three maps just for level 2. But that just means more Mega Delve for everyone!

Marble Hall (with grid)

Marble Hall (with grid)

I’m enjoying the fact that the MegaDelve has had a lot of large spaces so far, and felt that it would be awesome for the PCs to first encounter the Dwarven City in a way that would be immediately visually striking. The typical entry to the city would be via the Mushroom Cave, through the Ogre Base, and then down either of the two staircases… Into a massive underground chamber nearly 150 feet tall with a facade of dwarven architecture facing them as they climb down the spiraling staircases.

This is the Marble Hall – not intended to be a primary entrance into the city, but it has become the easiest way into the city since the destruction of the great gates on level 1 of the city (we’ll get there, honest!).

Most of this area is typically abandoned, unclaimed by any of the factions and groups within the delve. It is instead home to stirges that nest near the top of the natural chamber and giant spiders that climb up from the depths beneath. The halls themselves feel desolate and haunted, with oversized marble reliefs of dwarven warriors, engineers and priests looking down upon those who trespass within.

There are a lot of access points in and out of this map –

  • the left-hand exits proceed further into the dwarven city (and the Hall of Bronze)
  • the stairs lead up to the Ogre Base
  • the circular chamber in the massive stone pillar is 50′ tall, and near the peak is the chimney that leads up to the cavern in the Ogre Base
  • stairs lead down around the pillar through the spider lairs to the Hall of Venom (in level 3 of the dwarven city)
  • across the destroyed bridge, a cave leads to the crypts of several noble dwarven families

And here’s a version of the map without grid:

Marble Hall (no grid)

Marble Hall (no grid)