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On the original node map of the MegaDelve, this map is part of the “Small Caves” node (same as the Goblin caves earlier this week, and the Cannibal Cave coming up next week).

Dyson MegaDelve

MegaDelve Node Map

This area of the MegaDelve is inhabited by the “rat folk” who are actually messed up halflings who worship a rodent god-type-thing. They are cannibalistic, get most of their food from the “Vietnamese cavern” to the north of their lairs, and are on the constant watch for Ogres coming in from the east (which is actually goblin territory, but the ogres raid the goblins and occasionally head this way to get to the big-ass cavern). Fortunately the Ogres generally take the easy (wide) route to the big cavern, leaving the rat folk to their own devices in the smaller twisting caves around the main travel route.

Rat Folk Tunnels (with grid)

Rat Folk Tunnels (with grid)

The passage to the right leads to the western exit from the goblin caves. The southern secret exit leads eventually to the abandoned dwarven city by way of the ogre base. All three passages to the top side of the page lead to the big-ass Vietnamese Cavern. The two sets of stairs lead up to the cannibal cave which I’ll probably have up on Tuesday.

And below I have a version of the map without the grid:

Tunnels of the Rat Folk (no grid)

Tunnels of the Rat Folk (no grid)

And below are a few shots of the tunnels as they came together.