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Earlier this week I had the idea of trying to put together a megadungeon again. This was initially triggered by the creation of my “Multi Page Dungeon” page that collects most of the maps that span more than one page on the blog. I came across both the Darkling Depths (which has all the structure I would want from a Megadungeon without the mega) and the abortive Delve of Dread which I never went anywhere with.

So I grabbed a post-it and drew out the baseline of what I’d want in my megadungeon if I were to ever get around to drawing it.


I got a few questions about layout and WTF the “Vietnamese Cavern” was (I couldn’t remember the name and proper letters to use for Sơn Đoòng Cave), and a lot of “hmmm… this could be AWESOME!”

So I started with the Fungus Cave.

Mushroom Cavern

Mushroom Cavern

Then, just because S. John Ross had a dream sequence about it (complete with a wavy-distorted screen segue effect), I put together a faux spot-process version where the mushrooms have been rendered in a different colour of ink.

Mushroom Cavern (Purple)

Mushroom Cavern (Purple)

This also marks a strange turning point in my cartography… there’s a scale at the bottom of the page!