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This map was originally inspired by a pair of the entries in the Dungeon of Lost Coppers competition (specifically the entries by Jürgen Mayer and Luka Rejec). But once the initial central area and connecting halls was done, the map just insisted that it keep growing. Even here we have a “mostly” final version because I think there should be some sort of dwarven citadel on the lower-right side of the map.

The Granite Shore

The Granite Shore

The Granite Shore was drawn using a cheap-ass mechanical pencil and a pair of Sakura Micron pens (03 for walls, 01 for hatching, doors and details). It is made available free for your use and abuse courtesy of the awesome Teo Tayobobayo, Mica Fetz, John Linzy and the other patrons who support the Dodecahedron through my Patreon Campaign.