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A few weeks ago I was digging through my various map papers seeking a map I was drawing for a commission. I couldn’t find it that day (found it the next), but instead came across a partially-complete map that I had started as a bit of an ode to the classic Tomb of Horrors module.

Three Tombs of Acker

Three Tombs of Acker

Really, it has very little in common other than the start point being a set of three tombs (in this case all three are “real” tombs, but two of them hide access to deeper and darker secrets). There are also more traps clearly indicated on the map than I usually include – a massive sliding block sealing off a section of the dungeon, several pit traps, portculli, etc.

There is also an apparent elevation mis-match around the central secret room. This is because the southern secret door is mounted 8′ up on the wall of the room it attaches to, and the northern secret door is a climb-up crawl-way into the northern room.

I tried to keep this very non-linear, with multiple entry and exit points and looping circular paths through the construction.

When I first found the map it looked more like this:

Three Tombs Snapshot

Three Tombs Snapshot

And then slowly grew into the map above.

The Three Tombs of Acker was drawn on standard commercial 4-quad graph paper using a 0.7mm Zebra Sarasa Gel Pen. It is presented here free for your personal use under the usual terms (no commercial use, please credit me and provide a link to the website). These maps are provided for your use and enjoyment courtesy of my patrons – people like Luis Velasco, and Lord Karick – who are contributing to my Patreon Campaign so everyone can continue to enjoy free maps.

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