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A small farming community, Appletree Pond is built by their namesake water source, but is most notable because of the great church near the middle of town. Founded and built by a potent wandering cleric thirty years ago, the church is still attended to by this powerful minion of the gods. No one is quite sure what convinced Patriarch Brunn to found his church here, but no one is complaining that their small community is watched over by someone who can create food when the crops are poor, or even raise the dead or summon forth a swarm of insects when situations are dire.

Appletree Pond

Appletree Pond

Appletree Pond was drawn using a mediocre 0.7mm gel pen on commercial bark-paper in a mapping book that I wish I could use more often but that just doesn’t work with my regular pens. It was drawn in a single draft, scanned, contrast-enhanced and cleaned in photoshop.