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The Colliseum at Ruthens Falls

The Colliseum at Ruthens Falls

So, check out what Robert Dunham over at Shard World made using the  Coliseum at Ruthens Falls!

He’s taken the Coliseum map, keyed it and wrote up a nice two page adventure called the Forgotten Temple of the Plaguebringer. It’s a sweet PDF, very nicely presented. The whole thing is written up for Adventurer Conqueror King, but that means it works fine with just about any D&D-alike out there – particularly the B/X based games.

And as a bonus, he wrote up his group’s actual play for the adventure. The adventure and actual play are available here.

I love seeing people making good (great!) use of my maps. If you’ve had the opportunity to run a game using one of my maps and have an actual play report or a write-up of the adventure that you used, let me know!

In other cool news, Talysman the Ur-Beatle over at the Nine and Thirty Kingdoms was inspired by the map of level 8 that I posted last week. Well, not so much the map as the little details I had drawn into the cross-hatching.

Level Eight

Level Eight

He ran with the concept and wrote up a bunch of random tables for stuff you might find while digging into the walls of the dungeon

Very cool stuff!