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So, there’s this whole #micromapmonday thing on google+ – I discovered it a few weeks ago, but didn’t try my hand at it immediately because it turns out I don’t have much in the way of small bits of paper to draw on. The smallest post-its I had laying about are 3 x 5 – almost as big as the book I draw most of the maps I’ve been posting lately (prior to the current batch of Lost Maps posts which were drawn on standard 8.5 x 11).

So last week I finally cut up some scrap paper into small bits to map on.

This burned out village was inspired by last week’s D&D game where the party was besieged by a pair of Hags and their company of giants, ettins and  grizzly bears. It appears here significantly larger than it does on paper (unless you have some itty-bitty monitor, I guess).

#micromapmonday - Village Ruins

#micromapmonday – Village Ruins