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So, with the retirement of Dyson’s Delves Limited Edition, it’s probably time to put out Magical Theorems & Dark Arts. Except that I keep waffling on the name between Dark Arts and Dark Pacts.

Anyways, the book is 99% done, and here’s the cover mockup designed to look a lot like Dyson’s Delves. Dyson’s Delves II will use an almost identical look to Dyson’s Delves (same background leather colour, slightly different spine and cover panel colour), whereas my rules-oriented books (there may be a second one after this) will use this darker leather background and a variety of panel colours.

Magical Theorems Cover Mockup

Magical Theorems Cover Mockup

This mockup still has a copy/pasta mistake on the back cover (using the text from the back cover of Dyson’s Delves – but that’s already fixed on the actual cover design document).