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Dyson's DelvesThanks to your support, I’ve sold enough copies of the Limited Edition of Dyson’s Delves that it has come time to retire it. That’s right, as of a few days ago, you can no longer get a copy of the Twisted Halls of Mornard’s Revenge. That level 8-9 adventure was written specifically for the limited edition of the Delves and didn’t make it over to the softcover edition or the new hardcover printing.

You can still acquire a hardcover edition of Dyson’s Delves, but the limited edition is gone for good – so if you have one you are one of a hundred-and-a-few people who do (I think it finished off at 104 copies sold). The new hardcover edition is priced down slightly from the limited edition, and of course doesn’t have the lovely little “limited edition” ribbon-graphic on the front cover.

However, on the topic of books, by the time you read this I’ll be waiting for Lulu to send me a proof of the hardcover release of “Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts” – my Labyrinth Lord based book of magic-user and clerical spellcasting (involving a pile of classes that have been posted here before, and a few that never have seen the light of day on this blog, along with their spells and a collection of magic items from my campaigns aimed more towards spellcasters). My goal when finishing compiling this project was to avoid non-spellcasting material so I could in turn put out another book of similar size focusing on fighters and thieves and their subclasses and alternate rules. Said book is just an idea at this point, but I do have a collection of magic items waiting to be included in it should it come about.