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My third map in the flood of four-year-old pencil-drawn “masterpieces” lost in one of my RPG folders, the Lair of the Loveless is a set of three maps forming a nice small three-level dungeon. This is definitely the era around the creation of Dyson’s Delves – nice small and discrete dungeon levels with some interesting geography and a light mix of caves along with the humanoid-crafted structures.

The Loveless is an ogre magi who has laired here for at least twenty years. He is a hermit, preferring his own company over his kinfolk, and having learned to craft machina to help defend him from the intrusions of others.

Lair of the Loveless

Lair of the Loveless

The Lair of the Loveless was drawn freehand in pencil on plain white paper with a grid underlay page beneath it. It was then lost, rediscovered, scanned, and subjected to extreme levels of contrast-enhancement.