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As I was saying the other day when I posted the new map for the Worm’s Gullet II (By Esophagus Brood!), I’ve been playing around with my mapping styles a bit more and getting more comfortable with my own expanding skill set.

I attribute it to the work I’ve been doing on making half-decent regional maps (working on hills, forests and so on) that’s made me feel more at ease with maps that aren’t purely representational diagrams of underground fortifications.

This map was drawn on the same page as the Esophagus Brood map, and I think it’s at least as cool (and in time I’ll scan it properly and write something up for it – but I just wanted to post the snapshot of it here for now to exemplify what I’m talking about).

The Granite Mount II

The Granite Mount II

It was drawn free-hand and is based on the Granite Mount that I posted here in 2011 – although purely from memory (I only looked up the actual Granite Mount post and the picture I grabbed for it from Heavy Metal magazine after I finished editing the snapshot in Snapseed).

In the end, the structure isn’t really what the Granite Mount is, but it’s still a cool set-piece for a game session. I really dig the opportunity to draw in addition to mapping. They really are two different things, and while my mapping skills have been pretty good after all this practice, it’s nice to have the confidence to start drawing too.