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While digging through my old paperwork to set up for this Sunday’s 3.5 D&D game, I ran across a bunch of pencil-drawn maps that never made it onto the scanner since I drew them four or so years ago.

The first of these is The Burrow of Naab Underhill. Naab is a halfling like most others, living in a fairly well-appointed but homey burrow beneath his garden hill. It is well-to-do enough to have two bedrooms in addition to the sitting room, kitchen and greeting room.

However, much scandal would be raised should anyone discover that not only is there a secret door between the master bedroom and the guest room closet, but the guest room also conceals a second secret door that leads down to the mill along the river. Within this secret passage is a storage room that holds a variety of long-storage foodstuffs, flint and steel and a few other necessities (as well as a collection of pretty good alcohols and pipe weeds that he keeps safe and out of the way). But there is a third secret door along this passage way, one that secures a smaller store room that contains the leftovers of Mr Underhill’s adventuring days – some treasure no doubt, but also his adventuring gear.

The Burrow of Naab Underhill

The Burrow of Naab Underhill

The Burrow of Naab Underhill was drawn in pencil on plain white paper, scanned and contrast enhanced (repeatedly, to the extreme).