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When I pre-post a map to the blog (using the schedule post function – often months in advance… for instance, this post is being written in mid-February), I typically write “STUFF!” and then upload and post the graphic.

I often want to just give into the desire to then post it as-is to the blog. Just that one word description of the map (Stuff!) and the map.

So yeah, Hanneth’s Caves. Full of stuff! With some neat stuff, some cool detail stuff, and some very fine cross-hatching stuff! Did I mention the stuff? Yeah, lots of stuff! (Except in that lower-right cave – it seems to have a distinct lack of stuff).

Hanneth's Caves

Hanneth’s Caves

Hanneth’s Caves (and all the stuff contained therein) was drawn with a 0.5mm gel pen in the Holly King (a dollar store plain paper notebook) in a single draft. Please use it in your games and tell me about it! Even if you just fill it full of stuff and stuff.