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There are the occasional maps in my collection that I just am not 100% happy with. Ok, to be honest, most of them I’m not 100% happy with, but there are some that I hesitate to post at all.

Horroth’s Depths is pretty good map all told, and I certainly haven’t been posting or drawing enough side-view maps like this. However, I’m unhappy with how the overlap of areas occurs just inside the entry of the dungeon… On the back wall of the entry cave is another section that doubles back and descends.

Horroth's Depths

Horroth’s Depths

Apart from that one visual issue, I like Horroth’s Depths and it reminds me that I should be drawing a few more side view maps – a  quick dig through my mapping books shows that I don’t have any more coming up for the next few months – instead my latest inspiration has been cities, because I just don’t have enough city maps drawn up for my campaigns and I’ve been inspired to draw more because of Heather’s epic maps.