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Dwobak's TombWith the recent discovery that I may have a bit of a map backlog to clear up, I’ll be aiming to post two maps a week until I get through this glut of pre-drawn maps.

Dwobak’s Tomb was inspired by an adventure I played in where we were investigating a dwarven tomb taken over by… surprise of surprises… a necromancer.

My first recommendation for using this map, since it is a tomb, is to NOT use a necromancer as the villain. I’m thinking a dragon in the weird roundish room. And you could make an adventure for low level players who can’t take on the dragon by giving them a map that brings them in through the northern secret door and leads them to the secret tomb on the northwest side of the dungeon – they’ll have to sneak right past the lair of the dragon though…

Dwobak's Tomb

Dwobak’s Tomb