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Claw's DepthsThis Friday’s map was an experiment in underground mapping techniques. I went for a much more angular style for my cave walls in this map than I normally do, and basically just had fun drawing a set of caves with natural stairs, some rooms and secret doors, and the usual underground goodies.

With two major entrances to the map, it really works as part of another dungeon or underground environment, linking two sets of caves together in a major underdark adventure (like into the depths of the earth, or perhaps a moria-alike).

Claw’s Depths was drawn with a 0.5mm black gel pen in my dollar store off-white plain notebook, was scanned, contrast enhanced (and the page number removed) and posted here for your enjoyment and my own bragging rights.

The map is unkeyed and as of yet unused, so feel free to stock it for your own games or stock it in your blog (and if you stock it in your blog, I’ll try to link to it in a future post).

Claw's Depths

Claw’s Depths