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5 Minute Map #1So, back in February some of the creative RPG types out there started doing these awesome five minute maps. Matt Jackson posted a nice collection back then, and there’s been a LOT more since then.

I’ve done some serious time-restricted stuff in my day, but never a five-minute map. In fact, I didn’t try it because I knew my five minute maps would never hold up against my regular work.

But I gave in and gave it a shot when I needed a break from housekeeping and didn’t need to plan anything for my 3.5 game this weekend. Allow me to state the obvious – this challenge is fucking hard as hell. Seriously – kudos to everyone who pulls this off and is willing to post their work for everyone else to see.

Really, try drawing a map in 5 minutes and still have it look good enough that you’d be willing to let the world check it out.

Here’s a photo of my first effort – I’ll actually get around to scanning it so I can clean it up (and maybe add some more detail to it first) for one of my regular map posts. But before it goes into any post-production, here’s 5 minutes of Dyson mapping.

5 Minute Map #1

5 Minute Map #1