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GrimHall DepthsYeah… the name.

One of the harder parts of putting a few hundred maps up on the internet is finding / making up good names for them all. In my latest notebook I’m keeping a table of contents at the beginning, so I actually have to scribble down a name for each map within a few days of drawing it, and sometimes inspiration escapes me.

Like GrimHall Depths.

Original, eh?

A little stone fortress built into the side of a mountain – classic D&D fare. And in the mountain? A few rooms, some caves, an old cave-in, and a hungry gelatinous cube.

GrimHall Depths was drawn with a 0.5mm black gel pen in a dollar store plain unlined notebook (with slightly off-white paper). As usual, it was drawn in a single draft. This one took me about 40 minutes.

GrimHall Depths

GrimHall Depths

As a change of pace, later today I’m probably going to try my hand at a 5 minute map after months of procrastination. I probably won’t post it until tomorrow. After all, you are already getting spoiled with my weekly map releases – why not make you come back tomorrow to see how my #FridayFiveMinuteMap turned out?