Have no fear, there are a lot of new maps on their way. 60 new maps drawn at last count, just have to scan them and start posting them.

On the book front, the PDF is off to LuLu and as soon as I get a copy in my hands so I know it looks ok I’ll put it up for sale. Again, two editions of Dyson’s Delves will be available – both around 130 pages. The main version will be in soft cover (perfect bound, 6″ x 9″) and will sell for $20. The special edition will be available for a limited time only, is in hardcover (casebound, 6″ x 9″), will sell for $40 (maybe a tiny bit more) and contains one adventure exclusive to this edition that will not appear elsewhere, including on the blog. This special edition is the “I want to pay for Dyson’s Internet” edition and I’ll keep it online until around 50 copies are sold.

More updates as soon as I get them.