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Side View of the Wretched Catacombs

Wretched Catacombs

Hey folks, long time no see.

A bit late for a Friday Map, I know, but I’ve been busy.

This week I drew a bunch of new maps, I was feeling inspired. The focus today is on the Wretched Catacombs – a side-view or cutaway map that I drew at least somewhat based (subconsciously at first, and then a bit more consciously as I added the tower above and the underground lakes below) on the sample dungeon from the 1981 Moldvay Basic Dungeons & Dragons rules – a dungeon that has influenced my designs since I was 10 years old.

Somewhere down beneath Shorvellin’s Tower are a set of caves and constructions that hide the wretched catacombs. It is said that the guildmaster of the Orange Knives thieve’s guild had the final catacombs built to his specific orders before his death eighty years ago. The Knives are now all but defunct, but other thieves covet some of the treasures that are said to have been buried here – and the fame that would come from looting said would be enough to become the foundation for a new guild.

Is the thief in your campaign game enough to find out?

Side View of the Wretched Catacombs

Side View of the Wretched Catacombs

This map was drawn freehand on plain white printer paper using a 0.7mm gel pen. As usual, it is posted here for you to use and abuse under the gentleperson’s agreement that you can post your usage of it to your blog (but not for any other commercial or noncommercial project except for personal use) with how you used it (such as stocking it for whatever system you are playing). Point me to your blog post about it, and I’ll try to promote it here too!