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Draft of Black Mire

Draft of Black Mire

This summer I posted the (contest-winning) Challenge of the Frog Idol. The majority of the adventure takes place in the Black Mire, a swamp traversed by old wooden causeways that has featured in my campaigns since I was 14 years old.

As I wrote up the Challenge of the Frog Idol, I drew a map of the Black Mire and keyed it up to the best of my memory from my games. But this week I dug up an older version of the map that I had started to draw up a couple of years ago. This version of the Black Mire is incomplete, but includes some elements that I didn’t include in the Frog Idol version that I wish I had – particularly the standing stones by the forest and the raised island in the middle of the mire with the strange stepped temple upon it.

I love the increased detail I gave this map. The style of Coruvon by the forest, the trees in the swamp, the cool standing stones, and so on.

Draft of Black Mire

Draft of the Black Mire