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Secret Crypts HeaderThis is a nice little map of an old crypt in a hill that conceals a set of secret crypts, which in turn conceal a further two secret crypts (although one is pretty evident and unlikely that a party won’t find it once they are past the first secret door). This map was drawn because of a treasure map result in a previous game session. The treasure map showed the party the location of the secret door in the floor of the old crypt and thus into the depths of the secret crypts. The whole map is about three inches across, I could fit a bunch of them on a page. Instead it looks ever so lonely sitting there on the full page of plain white paper on it’s own (the opposite of the maps I draw in my notebook, which are often crowded in with other illustrations, bits of strange prose and abstract oddities).

Secret Crypts of Titch

Secret Crypts of Titch

This map was drawn in black gel pen on plain white paper, then scanned and contrast-enhanced in the gimp. As usual, you are free to take this map and use it on your blog in a non-commercial fashion and I’ll gladly link back to whatever awesome you manage to do with it.