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DungeonMorph Dice Header

Yesterday while I was pimping all the awesome Dyson-stuff out there, I didn’t pimp the biggest awesome of the lot. The DungeonMorph Dice. For those of you who haven’t been keeping track at home or missed all the pimping of these beauties the first time around, DungeonMorph dice take the awesome of these dungeon geomorphs I’ve been drawing for a couple of years, then takes the awesome of oversized one-inch dice… and combines them together into a near critical mass of awesome! You see, the designs are now up over at Inkwell Ideas for the first set of dice (there will be three sets from this run – this dungeon set, a caves set, and another dungeon set). These are looking more awesome by the day.

DungeonMorph Dice - The Great Halls Die

DungeonMorph Dice - The Great Halls Die

Head on over to Inkwell Ideas to see the rest of this set.