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Corner Geomorphs

While I’m on this mapping kick, I figured I would follow up on last week’s d12 Dungeon Entrances with some more geomorphs. I drew up a batch of 24 corner geomorphs while watching parts of season 2 of ST:TNG (that they managed to get a second season after the horrible first season amazes me, and then they launched the second season with a downright horrible episode…) – this half of those geomorphs are mostly dungeon entrances set as corner pieces. All of these were drawn in a single draft using my usual gel pens on regular graph paper, scanned and contrast-enhanced. And if Dave sets up Dave’s Mapper to allow the mappers to add their geomorphs themselves (as is his current plan) , I’ll have to start actually making the graphics “conform to code” so I can upload them myself instead of relying on Dave to go through the work of editing the graphics to the right size for his proggy.

12 Corner Geomorphs - Set 1

12 Corner Geomorphs - Set 1