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We didn’t play our weekly “All Random All the Time” D&D game last night due to player illness, so instead we pulled out my favourite geomorphic “board game” – Carcassonne. Thus, instead of regaling you with the continued adventures of our dwarf-killing team in their grand quest to defeat the Random Number Generator, I’ll pull out another overland map I drew, scanned and then never posted. This map was drawn in pencil on plain white paper and was never used for a game. I like it except for the large southernmost island which looks too much like Australia (at least according to those who have looked at it – I had several people ask what the hell Australia was doing there anyways).

I also think I prefer the look of the map once I’ve played with the colours a bit like I did in the article intro above – the blue for the water looks kind of nice. Maybe I’ll try colouring this one for the hell of it – I typically avoid colouring my maps for a pair of reasons. First, I prefer plain black and white illustrations in books and adventures; and secondly I hate printing coloured material when I download them from other sources – it makes it a lot harder to add notes to a printed map when the thing is entirely coloured and texturized and so on.

The Lost Islands

The Lost Islands