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While going through my maps for yesterday’s post on regional maps, I also pulled up this one – a full page regional map drawn in pencil on plain paper for a classic B/X Dungeons & Dragons campaign I ran a few years ago. The scanning on this one is a bit rough because I didn’t draw all that darkly on the paper so there are areas where the paper itself just won’t “fade” out no matter how much I play with the contrast.

The little piece of the map I highlighted above is the Prickly Manticore, a fortified road inn that the players stopped at several times during the campaign.

I’m fairly happy with how this one turned out, and the players loved it once they got their hands on it after a few adventures (they spend the first few months of the campaign learning about the region by hearsay and adventure, only getting a map from a sage later when they were looking for the outpost city of Elmin (over on the plateau at the very western edge of the map).

The Dutchies of Lake Garr

The Dutchies of Lake Garr

As usual, you are invited to do something awesome (albeit non-commercial) with this map and in turn I’ll pimp your awesomeness here.