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Over at the Alexandrian, our host Justin has been posting a fully keyed version of The Temple of Illhan. I love it – he’s taken an unkeyed map from those ones I post regularly, and gone through and stocked the whole thing. The theme of this remake is even better – it’s from his sandbox hexcrawl and is a dungeon that has already been “cleared” by previous adventurers, so anything in it now has moved in since the last major genocidal looting.

The Temple of Illhan, Keyed

The Temple of Illhan, Keyed

He also did a great job of re-engineering the map. Originally it was intended for a three-level dungeon but the third level never got done, so he fixed that oversight and also combined the sparse map of level two into the map of level one, making a nice composite map that covers everything.

You can also read about our own adventures in the original Temple of Illhan a few years ago.