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Over on the Goblinoid Games Forums elf23 (master of the City of Iron blog) has launched a Dungeon Creation Game where we are stocking a dungeon using the Labyrinth Lord rules. The dungeon is one I drew the other evening while watching back episodes of Stargate SG-1 (season 2 if you must know, and the last few episodes that season were really pretty awful.)

Here’s the dungeon we are stocking – I have a higher-resolution version stashed away of course so we can release the final project as a free PDF when done (and then maybe/hopefully start a new one!)

The Dungeon Creation Game

The Dungeon Creation Game

As a footnote, this goes back to mapping in pen instead of pencil, and was drawn in two hours while “watching” Stargate SG-1 Season 2, episodes 21 and 22 (both pretty damn bad, I might add).