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deadEarth - We eat lightning and piss napalm.

deadEarth - We eat lightning and piss napalm.

Considering that I seem to be responsible for the short-lived deadEarth revival last year (and have produced a bit of fan material of my own for the game in addition to five horrible characters), and am hosting a whole pile of deadEarth material on my scribd page, I put together a deadEarth Resources page.

This was also brought about by the changes in the way links are handled over at scribd, where I have collected all the deadEarth books and supplements. Instead of just updating my original posts about deadEarth with the new links, I figured I should collect them all into one place.

For your edification, and enjoyment honest. I am not doing this to torture you, I promise.


deadEarth Resources

click it if you want to lose 1d8/1d20 SAN