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Mutant Omega

Mutant Omega

Mutant Future seems to be “it” when it comes to Gamma World derived awesomeness these days. And while it doesn’t have some of the items I really enjoy in my Gamma World games, I figure it can’t be that hard to add in the rules that I love from 28 years of playing various editions of the game.

In homage to both Mutant Future and Omega World, I’m naming my house rules document “Mutant Omega”.

The first change I’m working on is adding “Mutation Scores” to the various mutations in the Mutant Future rules set.

Mutation Scores were introduced in Gamma World 3e and were also in 4e. In addition to having ability scores, each mutant has a similar ability score for each mutation. This means that each mutation works somewhat differently depending on the mutation score, and also provides something that the mutant can enhance when leveling up.

Over the next few days (or weeks, depending on my schedule), I’ll go through all the mutations in Mutant Future and re-write them to use a Mutation Score.

Mutation Scores are rated like ability scores, on a standard 3-18 scale. When a mutation is generated, the player also generates the mutation score on 3d6. Each mutation will indicate how the score affects the mutation, but many call for the use of the Mutation Score Modifier (or MSmod). The MSmod is determined as follows:

MS | MSmod
3-7 | +1
8-12 | +2
13-15| +3
16-18| +4
19+ | +5