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Dorian's Cave

Dorian's Cave

This is a quick map I threw together for a game when I realized most of the maps I had were just too big for the scene in question.

Dorian Leafbeard Poplar Soothingwinds was a Treant Sage who became truly eccentric as he aged (some say that he was driven insane by wood ants), and who ended up living somewhere no treant could imagine – in a cave. He took over a great cave bear den near the forest where he had lived most of his life, and made it his home. He even added a “guest suite” with a door for visitors seeking his knowledge and expertise who weren’t interested in sleeping on the drafty cave floor.

But nearly fifty years ago, a penitent cleric seeking Dorian’s wisdom found the cave abandoned, and the signs of a massive bonfire at the entrance. Since then, other creatures have lived here, but mostly it has become a den for cave bears again. If an adventure occurs here in the winter, the cave bears will be here and unhappy about being disturbed. In the summer, either cave bears or goblinoids will be here – most summers one goblinoid tribe or another takes up residence for a few months, until the cave bears return.

1. Entrance – leaves and debris are scattered about. A 3 foot ledge leads down to area 2

2. Main Hall – the floor here is very smooth, the ceiling even more so, but the walls remain rough and natural stone. This is where the cave bears den most winters, except for the matriarch of the cave bear family, who is in area 4.

3. Library – the walls of this area are much more regular than the other areas. There used to be bookshelves along the smooth sections of walls, reaching up to the towering ceiling 30 feet overhead. Goblins have burned the wooden shelving, and a majority of the books. However there are large mildewed and mushroom-covered piles of books jammed into the nooks and crannies here. This is probably where whatever the players are here looking for will be found.

4. Den – this chamber was once used for storage of berries and water, but is now most often where the matriarch of the cave bears spends her winters. She is a mighty beast with 2 additional hit dice and a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls.

5. Guest Suite – this low-ceilinged (7 feet, as opposed to the 30+ foot ceilings in the rest of the cave) room was once kept sealed off from the rest of the cave by a sturdy door. It contained the amenities for Dorian to host small humanoid guests such as humans. During the summer it is the centre of the goblinoid activity in the cave, and even in the winter there is likely to be some goblin booty left behind in a locked and trapped chest.

6. Crystal Pillar – this tight passage to area 7 has very smooth walls from Dorian constantly having to push his bulk through it. The massive natural pillar has been worn smooth and sparkles and shines in the light because of the feldspar deposits throughout.

7. Dorian’s Retreat – the floor of this sunken chamber is 8 feet below the entranceway. This was Dorian’s home and peaceful retreat. The chamber walls, floor and ceiling have been rubbed smooth and remain clear of debris. If Dorian had hidden something magical and of import, it would be in a secret nook or alcove somewhere in this chamber.

Dorian's Cave

Dorian's Cave