State of the Mega Delve!


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Sometime back in November I figured I would finish off 2014 with a small megadungeon styled map. So I pulled out a post-it note and drew a basic node map for said. MegaDungeon-Overview In time, that node map would evolve as I added additional maps and subdivided the various nodes (but in the end, the final node map is still recognizably pretty much the same as the post-it)

Node Map (click to enlarge)

Node Map (click to enlarge)

All that is needed now is the last two maps to be drawn (The Necropolis and the Harpy Tower) – which we’ll get to in a few weeks. I’m holding off on these last two maps because the first few maps in March will be released under a free commercial license thanks to the awesome funding of my Patreon Campaign patrons, and I don’t want to stick the potential commercial users with partial maps from the MegaDelve. To see how the whole Dyson Mega Delve comes together in a more tangible format than the node map above, here’s a pseudo-isometric blow-apart projection of the 29 maps used so far:

The Whole Mega Delve (click for huge graphic)

The Whole Mega Delve (click for huge graphic)

This graphic is a bit big and unwieldy (roughly 4000 x 4000 pixels in size), but it gets the structures of the existing maps across in a visual manner and shows off a few of my mistakes along the way. I seriously miscalculated the location of the Lost River and the section of it on the lowest level actually runs directly underneath the section of it on the upper level. I’m going to have to add a big corkscrew to it if I want the rivers to match up at all, or give up on it being the same river. There were a few other glitches along the way, but nothing huge besides that one. When the whole thing is finally done I’ll keep working on map descriptions and the wandering monster dice drop tables and get this massive monstrosity to publication. My goal is to have it go to publication this summer. Fingers Crossed!


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